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ArmorLogix Solar Power Stations - Empowering Your World - SM200, AL600, AL1500
ArmorLogix Solar Power Stations - Empowering Your World - SM200, AL600, AL1500
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At ArmorLogix, we design, manufacture and provide platforms for deploying a wide array of solutions including surveillance, lighting, telecom, network distribution, sensitive electronic equipment, electrical, access control equipment, gate openers. Because ArmorLogix is a platform based company, the possibilities are literally endless – create your own solution using either an Armorlogix weatherproof enclosure, or a power station, such as an ArmorLogix mobile solar cart or trailer, or other solar powered solutions.

ArmorLogix’s Power Stations are mobile or fixed, grid or solar powered. With a 15 year record of industrial design and manufacture, Armorlogix counts the world’s largest data center company among its customers, together with a national railroad housing switching gear, aircraft engine manufacturer, and high-heat rocket launch recording. Our flexibility ensures your platform has no boundaries.

ArmorLogix - Weatherproof Enclosures, Solar Carts, Solar Trailers

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Featured Applications

Icon Application - Infrastructure Infrastructure


ArmorLogix carries a full line of vented NEMA3 and un-vented NEMA4 weatherproof enclosures that are ideal for protecting infrastructure equipment such as wiring, cabling, wireless access points and bridges, and more. The marine grade 5052 aluminum enclosures come standard with a sunshade, cam lock, insulation, and removable back plate. Get additional temperature control by having a fan/thermostat installed.

The high quality construction allows for indoor and outdoor installations, and each unit can be easily installed flush on a wall, or on a pole. ArmorLogix enclosures are also capable of being customized with unique locks, latches, brackets, and connectors.

Icon Application - Agriculture Agriculture


The image of traditional farming does not bring to mind high-tech cabinets housing high-tech solutions…but modern farming like every industry happens at scare and requires ever more data. One section of the supply chain is food storage, where temperature is critical.  One customer, let’s call them Tempco, a high-tech startup, revolutionized the method of taking temperature and transmitting the data all the way to a phone based app.  Their solution required a cabinet maker to house their rack-based head end product and they chose Armorlogix.  In order to bring the solution to life, Armorlogix asked for permission to install the solution into the enclosure and that was that: the solution is now fabricated here, at scale and repeatably, and shipped turn-key to Tempco’s customers.

Icon Application - Construction Construction


Every construction site has unique needs and requirements that need to be filled for the duration of the job. ArmorLogix has you covered, from secure, weatherproof enclosures to hold infrastructure, tools or sensitive electronic equipment, to solar powered platforms for mobile lighting and surveillance solutions.

In addition to carrying the hardware, ArmorLogix also carries a line of products that allows for remote connectivity, GPS tracking, wireless and more.

Icon Application - Events Events


Provide overwatch event security with solar powered carts and trailers custom fitted with HD surveillance cameras and recorders. The solar powered carts are compact and easily moved by a single person. With an 18 foot expandable mast, the surveillance cart can be used to provide surveillance for indoor or outdoor sporting events, church events, festivals and more. The more robust mobile surveillance trailer is ideal for larger outdoor festivals, sporting events, parking lot security, and perimeter control at concerts or other high profile events.

The solar powered cart and solar powered trailers are also able to be custom fitted with lighting packages to provide additional light for outdoor events, parking, and more.

Icon Application - Marina Marinas


Whether on a boat slip, dock, port or in the main marina, electrical and electronic components require weatherproof enclosures that can protect them from the elements. ArmorLogix offers both NEMA3 vented and NEMA4 non-vented enclosures manufactured from 5052 Marine Grade aluminum, which is rust resistant and anti-corrosive. Each enclosure comes standard with a sunshade, lock, and adjustable or removable back-plate for mounting equipment to.

Common applications for our weatherproof enclosures in marinas are for storing cabling and infrastructure, containing wireless bridges or access points, securing gate operating systems or other access control elements, housing a security system, complete with cameras, and much, much more.

Icon Application - Oil and Gas Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

ArmorLogix’s entire product line can be installed or deployed at oil & gas fields, or at mining operations. The heavy duty marine grade 5052 aluminum weatherproof enclosures can house wireless relays, surveillance recorders and cameras, sensitive air sampling equipment, and other infrastructure or electronic equipment. The solar powered carts and trailers are capable of providing lighting or surveillance at remote locations and are easily relocated from one place to another.

Give our Account Managers a call today to find out if we can provide you with the solution you need for your site.

Icon Application - Railroad Railroad


ArmorLogix custom builds weatherproof enclosures for multiple railroad lines around the US to monitor and track data at railroad stations, crossings, and more.  Our NEMA3 vented and NEMA4 non-vented weatherproof enclosures are constructed of 5052 marine grade aluminum, and come with a sunshade, adjustable back plate, secure cam lock, and more.  Each enclosure can be upgraded with a variety of options such as locks, latches, brackets, connectors, and thermostatic temperature controls. The ArmorLogix enclosures can easily be installed on either a flat surface, or round and square poles.

Let our design experts speak with you about your specific needs so we can create the perfect solution for your application.

Icon Application - And More And More
Application - And More

And More!

ArmorLogix’s commercial grade fixed and mobile platforms can be installed or utilized an any number of environments and applications, and sometimes unique customization is required to complete the solution needed. These special customizations can include holes, racks, installed electronic equipment, power sources, and more.

Examples include: Airports, Concerts & Sports Arenas, Datacom, Gates & Access Control, Oceanfronts, Parking Lots, Shipyards, State Parks, Theme Parks, wildlife parks & Zoos, Windfarms, and more!

Ready to see what ARMORLOGIX can do for you?


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