Cellular Connectivity Enclosures

Easy to use and connect

Use the OV4g to connect remotely to your ArmorLogix solution, be it a NEMA3 or NEMA4 enclosure with your equipment in it, a Weatherproof Recording system from Optiview, an ArmorLogix Solar Trailer or Solar Cart.

Redundant SIM Slots

The OV4G 4G LTE cellular router allows for dual SIM cards to be installed and will automatic switch over to the stronger, more reliable network carrier that is currently available. This allows for a truly mobile system in which you, or your customer, does not have to manually exchange SIM cards.

GPS Tracking and Management

With built-in GPS tracking and a cloud-based management system, you are able to keep track of your ArmorLogix Solar Trailer or Solar Cart at all times from any device connected to the internet.

Rugged and Reliable

The OV4G is equipped with screw down terminal blocks for secure power installations that will not separate like a typical 2.1mm connector would. This allows for the OV4G to be housed in the equipment mounting boxes on the solar trailers and carts without worry of losing power, signal, GPS or remote monitoring capabilities.

ConnectivityCellular Connectivity