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Marine Grade Solutions

ArmorLogix is proud to offer multiple compact and easy to deploy solutions for dock and marina connectivity bringing lighting, wireless / cellular connectivity, and video surveillance systems for boat owners, dock fishers, water lovers and anyone who stores their equipment on a dock. Even when power is not available easily get 24/7 coverage to provide smart dock connectivity for surveillance, audio / video system, TVs, & Dock lighting.


Easily power your equipment anywhere on your dock or marina. Whether you have shore power available or not, ArmorLogix helps you power your systems day and night for true 365 / 24 / 7 power and connectivity.


Connect your system any time with a WiFi bridge to cellular device even for the most remote marine applications. If infrastructure is available at your dock or marina, ArmorLogix allows you to easily add a hard wired connection.


All of our weatherproof systems are built with 5052 aluminum and are built to resist rusting and corrosion especially in harsh marine environments and with over a hundred models and accessories to choose from, ArmorLogix enclosures are built to stand the test of time and protect your assets.


Quickly mount your weatherproof system to a wall, pole, or structure with the included universal mounting brackets that also allows for 360° of airflow circulation keeping interior condensation to a minimum.

Audio / Video

Connecting Infrastr­ucture

Whether you are connecting a dock, to a home or a marina’s multiple docks, entrances & exits, and loading ramps, empower your customers to entertain, monitor and protect at every point.

1. Main Building
2. Parking
3. Docks & Ramps
3. Gate & Entrance
5. Remote Lots

Picture on the right  is an example of a customer who came to us to help design a complete surveillance monitoring solution for their marina.

Marina Surveillance Solution with Blue Callouts - Where to Add Solutions
ArmorLogix Installed Dock Surveillance Solution and Wireless Connectivity



Easily customize your solutions for surveillance, lighting, telecom, sensors, or equipment of your choice. Each platform can be built-out in a variety of ways offering you complete plug and play options for docks. Talk to us about our express customization & turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy even using 3rd party equipment.


Connect to any equipment installed to your ArmorLogix system with cellular connectivity or transmit back to your home. Coverage is ensured via dual SIM slots for your choice of carrier (not included). This includes WiFi connectivity for remotely allowing you to connect your devices to the vast IoT and apps.


Protect your property, your boats, and equipment with one of our CCTV Surveillance packages. Be proactive about protecting your site by actively deterring intruders before a crime has been committed, simply by having visible camera surveillance on site. Work with an ArmorLogix Account Manager to determine the best surveillance package for your site. Packages can include PTZ cameras, 360° Fisheyes, 180° Panoramic, and active deterrence cameras that illuminate and notify only of people and vehicles in areas you define. Pair with cellular connectivity for 24/7 remote access.


When the sun goes down, safety and security are even more of a concern around the water. Lighting provides additional security, by both actively deterring bad actors, and illuminating the area to prevent trips and falls. Lighting helps keep people safe, your equipment safe, and anyone else passing through or using the area. Not to mention your dock is now a 24/7 entertainment space.

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12 x 12 x 11″ 5052 Marine Grade enclosure with Thermostatic Fan, 4+1 port 48V PoE Switch, 2 x 4MP IP dome cameras with built-in Mic’s and Edge Recording, Universal Mounting Brackets for installing on walls, poles, or to Unistrut

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Several custom solutions for customers have been built in-house, need met for any custom solution, combine an ArmorLogix enclosure and other equipment

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