Outdoor Telecom Cabinets and Boxes

Thanks to expansive telecommunication networks, the world is now in constant communication. Any downtime in these vital networks comes at a significant cost in terms of both time and money. The electronics that govern how these systems work are vulnerable to bad weather, falling dirt and debris, and, in some cases, vandalism, so they need an excellent protection standard.

Use Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinets to Protect Critical Telecom Infrastructure

The range is a significant factor in maintaining the integrity of telecommunication signals. To keep the signal strong, we often need to place equipment such as routers, switches, and patch panels in outdoor areas, to keep the signal strong. Therefore, using an outdoor telecom enclosure to house these components is vital for their protection.

Today’s best protection is a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) rated telecom box. NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 rated boxes are best for inclement outdoor conditions. NEMA developed scrupulous testing procedures to ensure these telecom enclosures offer enhanced protection from criminal elements and extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice, driving rain, wind-blown debris, and heat.

Telecom Box Features

At ArmorLogix, we have the products you need to protect and support all of your telecom operations. With such sensitive equipment used for telecommunications, ArmorLogix aluminum enclosures come in standard and customer sizes rated for either NEMA 3 or NEMA 4, safeguarding your electrical equipment. Whether you need a telecom cabinet or telecommunication box, we have got you protected. Our boxes all come standard with the following protections:

  • Marine-grade 5052 aluminum construction for protection against the elements and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Universal wall and tower mounting brackets for 360-degree air circulation and cooling.
  • Sunshade for protection against UV rays and excess heat.
  • Vents on the door and sides for further heat dissemination. Note that vents are only available with NEMA 3 enclosures.
  • Mylar insulation for moisture, temperature, and chemical resistance.
  • Removable blank aluminum mounting plates for decreased maintenance downtime through easy access.
  • Secure cam lock for added security.
  • Weatherproof neoprene seal on the inside of the door for extra protection against water penetration.

ArmorLogix has built several custom solutions for customers in-house. If you have a need for a custom solution, combining an ArmorLogix enclosure and other equipment, our team is here to help.

Telecom Applications

If you go with a telecommunication enclosure that we fabricate, you will be able to use it for a variety of telecom applications, such as:

Wiring and cables


ALNS-8-5G Product Feature Image - 5G Modem



PoE Switches and Injectors for Networking


OVPOE4G - Product Image


SM200 Internal Components


AP5G4 - Long Range PTP Wireless Bridge and Access Point

Wireless or landline infrastructure equipment

Why Choose an Outdoor Telecom Enclosure From ArmorLogix?

Thanks to the expansive facility that we use to build, store and ship our products, ArmorLogix is able to provide custom solutions for customers in-house. Suppose you need a custom solution combining an ArmorLogix enclosure with other equipment. We also stock replacement parts for all our units, so if you need anything, give us a call!

Get Quality Outdoor Telecommunication Enclosures

Browse our stock and give us a call at (904) 674-2976 or contact us online to order a customized cabinet to fit your specifications. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the ideal solution.

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