Marina Solutions: Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosures

Marina Solutions: Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosures


Whether on a boat slip, dock, port or in the main marina, electrical and electronic components require weatherproof enclosures that can protect them from the elements. ArmorLogix offers both NEMA3 vented and NEMA4 non-vented enclosures manufactured from 5052 Marine Grade aluminum, which is rust resistant and anti-corrosive. Each enclosure comes standard with a sunshade, lock, and adjustable or removable back-plate for mounting equipment to.

Common applications for our weatheproof enclosures in marinas are for storing cabling and infrastructure, containing wireless bridges or access points, securing gate operating systems or other access control elements, housing a security system, complete with cameras, and much, much more.


  1. Universal Wall and Pole Mounting Brackets (x2)
  2. Sunshade
  3. Screens for Ventilation (1 on front, 2 on sides)
  4. Cam Lock for Security
  5. Weatherproof Foam Stripping (inside the door)
  6. Adjustable and Removable Back Plate
  7. Insulation
Marina Solutions: Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosures