Aluminum Enclosures  

ArmorLogix offers a wide variety of sizes and dimensions of aluminum electronic enclosures and boxes for indoor and outdoor installations. Available in NEMA 3 and in NEMA 4 variations, these high-quality weatherproof enclosures provide protection for sensitive electronic equipment, cabling, infrastructure, electrical equipment, gate controllers, and more.

Here at ArmorLogix, we build all our enclosures out of durable marine-grade 5052 aluminum instead of steel. The material needs to match the purpose, and aluminum has features and benefits that perfectly complement the purposes of our NEMA-rated enclosures.

Features of Our Aluminum Enclosures for Electronics

We specifically chose marine grade 5052 aluminum for our enclosure fabrication because of the following features:

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Marine-grade 5052 aluminum is better than steel and other aluminum grades because it contains no copper, which is susceptible to corrosion, and it uses chromium in its composition. Chromium is an aluminum alloy that creates an oxide layer on the sheet’s surface, effectively making a shield that protects against moisture, especially salt water.


We realize our enclosures need transport and installation in awkward or hard-to-reach spaces, so weight is an essential factor for our clients to consider. Our 5052 aluminum is impressively lightweight, making handling during manufacturing, transport, and installation much more accessible than working with steel.

High Strength

The enclosure must be able to withstand environmental circumstances. Marine-grade aluminum 5052 has a higher fatigue strength than the majority of other aluminum grades, providing the perfect balance between weight and strength.


This aluminum grade is very flexible. If necessary, we can easily form it into complicated shapes, making our customization process quicker and easier.

Uses for Our Aluminum Electronic Enclosures

Our aluminum enclosures’ strength, durability, and corrosion resistance make them perfect for housing sensitive electronic equipment in a wide variety of environments. Their resistance to saltwater and corrosion makes them excellent in coastal areas, docks, shipyards, or anywhere near a saltwater body of water, but thanks to their overall strength, they can be used anywhere.

Why Choose an Aluminum Enclosure Box From ArmorLogix?

We offer express customization on all our products so that we can work to our customers’ specifications. All our standard boxes also come with a variety of features already installed, such as:

  • Universal wall and tower mounting brackets
  • Sunshade
  • Vents on the door and sides (only available with NEMA 3 enclosures)
  • Mylar insulation
  • Removable blank aluminum mounting plates
  • A secure cam Lock
  • A weatherproof foam seal on the inside of the door

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