Mobile Solar-Powered Trailers

ArmorLogix power stations, also known as power platforms, are the ultimate solution for reliable solar power. These trailers can be installed on-site or deployed to locations where hard-wired power may be unavailable.We offer several DOT-approved mobile solar trailers for sale designed to ensure uninterrupted power. With unmatched versatility, these mobile stations can be built to support a wide range of lighting, surveillance, and telecommunications needs.

Features and Benefits

At ArmorLogix, we design and build high-quality solar panel trailers using durable materials and advanced technology to provide excellent performance. Here are a few features and benefits of our mobile solar trailer:

  • Rapid deployment: One or two people can easily and quickly deploy an ArmorLogix mobile solar trailer.
  • Reliable power supply: These solar-powered mobile trailers have built-in, high-capacity batteries that keep the system running regardless of external conditions.
  • Remote connectivity: Our mobile trailers are integrated with IoT technologies, which allow you to monitor and control the system from anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly power generation: Solar panel trailers offer a source of renewable energy, making them an eco-friendly alternative to powering vital equipment.

Solar-Powered Trailer Applications

Our solar-powered trailers work for a range of applications across several industries, including:


Our mobile solar panel trailers are ideal for lighting dark or remote areas, such as construction sites, public spaces, event venues, and industrial or warehouse facilities. You can add a lighting package to a power platform and choose from various lighting options, including LED and strobe lights.


ArmorLogix solar-powered trailers can offer surveillance wherever and whenever you need it. These NDAA-compliant trailers can be paired with surveillance cameras, enabling you to watch over parking lots, worksites, agricultural fields, marinas, and more.


These mobile solar trailers can be deployed to the most remote or challenging environments to support your telecommunication needs. Our trailers provide power to communication equipment, allowing users to maintain network connectivity in gas and oil fields, mining operations, farmlands, and other off-the-grid locations.

Why Choose ArmorLogix Solar Panel Trailers?

At ArmorLogix, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative solar platforms with excellent durability. With decades of combined experience, we pride ourselves on delivering real solutions with noticeable benefits. Our in-house experts can help customize your solar generator trailer to ensure you get what you need to support your application.

Get Your Solar-Powered Trailer Today

ArmorLogix is the go-to source for reliable solar panel trailers for surveillance, lighting, and telecommunication applications. Explore our selection to find the perfect model for your needs. Call us at (904) 674-2976 or contact us online to learn more about our offerings.

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