Solar Powered Mobile Cart with Networking Infrastructure

Solar Powered Mobile Cart with Networking Infrastructure

  • 18 Foot 11 Inch Max Deployed Height
  • 2x 100W Solar Panels (Foldable for Storage & Travel)
  • Manual Winch for Raising and Lowering Mast
  • 2x Stabilizing Levers
  • Control Panel
  • Battery Bank Access
  • Locking Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Rugged Forklift Points
  • Shore Power Connector Included
  • 1x 4 Port Networking Switch


Introducing the AL600-NS4, a versatile solar-powered mobile surveillance cart designed to adapt to your unique needs. This model comes equipped with a 4 Port Network Switch, offering a flexible platform for customers to mount their own equipment, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse challenges. Set up by just one person, the AL600-NS4 can swiftly deploy motion detectors, infrared cameras, and HD cameras, providing comprehensive surveillance in mere minutes. With a towering max height of 18 feet 11 inches, this cart ensures an unobstructed vantage point. And with the added benefit of an optional 4G connection, you can remotely monitor your worksite or event space from any web-enabled device. The AL600-NS4 isn’t just about security; it’s about security tailored to YOU.

Additional Optional Addons

NDAA Surveillance Package, Networking Infrastructure Package, Remote Connectivity Package, and Lighting Package


Solar Panels   2 x 100W
Battery Bank   1 x 200Ah
Output Voltage   12VDC
Cart Type   Push
Tire & Rim Size   9.25”
Stabilizers   2 x Outriggers
Brakes   On 2x Wheels
Telescoping Mast Size   Up to 9' 9.75
Telescoping Mast Deployment   Manual
Telescoping Mast Safety Features   Cabling Winch / Mast Locking Pin
Max Wind Speed   20mph
Wiring Harness   2x CAT6 & 4x 12 Gauge
Max Deployed Height   18’ 11"
Footprint / Storage Size   3’ 5” x 4’ 8.5” x 9’ 1.25”
Height with Equipment Box   9’ 1.25”
Height without Equipment Box   7’ 9”
Width Deployed   7’ 2.5”
Width Undeployed   3’ 5”
Length from Front to Back   4’ 8.5”
Equipment Mounting Box Size   16” x 18.5” x 16.25”
Weight   Approx. 600 lbs. (Not Including Optional Accessories)
Included Addons   4+1 Port 10/100 PoE+ Switch, up to 30W per port


  • PDF Spec Sheet – Download
  • Assembly Guide for ArmorLogix Cart – Download
ArmorLogix AL600 Extended BG Feature Callouts
AL Infinity - Solar
AL Infinity - Mast Height V3

Max Height

The AL600’s reaches a max height of 18 ft and 11 in. The mounting plate at the top of the mast can have lighting packages, or a powder coated stainless steel enclosure mounted to it. The enclosure can house any number of equipment, from cellular modems, radar systems, repeaters, switches, or surveillance cameras for site security. Power is provided at the top of the mast via the included umbilical cord.

AL Infinity - Shore Power
AL Infinity - Infrastructure V2

Power & Cable Infrastructure

Our solar platforms allow you to do more with power and data using our special wiring harness which includes up to 2 x CAT6 cables and 4 x 12 gauge power cables. ArmorLogix’s team can design custom solutions to maximize your specific needs regarding surveillance, lighting, or telecommunications equipment.

ArmorLogix Networking Infrastructure Package
AL Infinity - Cellular Connectivity

Remote Connectivity Package

Easily connect to any equipment installed on your ArmorLogix power station with cellular connectivity. Coverage is ensured via dual SIM slots for your choice of carrier (not included). Keep track of your investment by using the included optional GPS (free for the first year) from a PC or mobile. The OV4G also includes WiFi connectivity for remotely accessing equipment from nearby using a laptop or cellular device. These are ideal for use with surveillance packages and other monitoring equipment.

AL Infinity - Lighting Package

Light Package

When the sun goes down, safety and security are even more of a concern for construction sites, parking lots, and events. Our solar platforms are perfect solutions when fitted with one of our light packages. Additional lighting provides additional security, by both actively deterring bad actors, and illuminating the area to prevent trips and falls. Lighting helps keep your employees safe, your equipment safe, and anyone else passing through or using the area.

AL Infinity - Easily Deployable Carts V2

Optional Addons

Each Solar Platform can be customized to fit your specific needs.

• IP Network Cameras • GPS Tracking
• Thermal Surveillance Cameras • Motion Sensors + PIR
• License Plate LPR Cameras • Microphone + Two Way Talk
• 4K Network Video Recorder • High Powered LED’s
• 3G / 4G Cellular Modem • Wireless Access Points & Bridges

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