ALPOLE-16 – 16 Foot Aluminum Pole for Equipment Mounting

ALPOLE-16 – 16 Foot Aluminum Pole for Equipment Mounting


The ALPOLE-16 is a versatile and robust solution for mounting a wide range of equipment but our go to for ArmorLogix Enclosures. This 16-foot tall aluminum pole is constructed from 3/8″ thick aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. The pole can be securely mounted to the ground using four 5/8″ holes, with the specific mounting method depending on the surface you’re attaching it to.

The pole weighs approximately 46 pounds, making it lightweight yet sturdy enough to support various equipment. This makes it an ideal choice for mounting surveillance cameras, networking equipment, sensors, solar panels, and more, especially in areas where there are no existing structures. When mounted properly the pole is rated for equipment up to 110 lbs (50 kg).


Surveillance: Mount security cameras at a height to provide a wide viewing angle for monitoring large areas.
Telecommunications: Attach antennas or other telecom equipment to improve signal coverage.
Solar Power: Mount solar panels at an optimal height to maximize exposure to sunlight.
Lighting: Install outdoor lighting fixtures for illuminating parks, parking lots, or construction sites.
Weather: Mount weather sensors to collect accurate atmospheric data.
Traffic: Mount traffic cameras, signal lights, or signs for help monitoring and controlling traffic flow, enhancing road safety, and enforcing traffic laws.


Material   3/8" 5052 Aluminum
Dimensions: Height   16'
Dimensions: Diameter   4"
Dimensions: Base   7.875" x 7.9375"
Mounting Holes   5/8"
Pole Weight   46 lbs.
Max Equipment Rating   110 lbs.


  • Drill / Mounting Template – Download

Feature Photos

ALPOLE-16 - Height Compare 16'
Optiview's WPIP-4S Mounted on ALPOLE-16
Solar Solution Mounted on ALPOLE-16
Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum Construction
Universal Wall and Pole Mounting Brackets for ArmorLogix aluminum enclosures

Universal Mounting Brackets

Securing to the ground and mounting your equipment on a pole has never been easier. Utilizing ArmorLogix’s universal mounting brackets, rapidly deploy your solution with banding brackets. Mounting to the ground depends on the surface and material. For the sturdies results, we recommend mounting on concrete with anchors.

*Ensure your equipment meets the weight requirement of the pole and method used to mount the pole.

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