SM200-200AHL – 200Ah Solar Power Module

SM200-200AHL – 200Ah Solar Power Module

  • 200W Solar Module
  • 200Ah LiFePo Battery
  • Mount to Platform, Pole, or Wall


The SM200-200AHL is a flexible and modular solar-powered platform allowing you to easily install and have power where shore power is not readily available. With 200W of solar power, backed up by a 200Ah LiFePo battery, the SM200-200AHL is perfect for powering small electronic devices.

The AL272213N3 enclosure that houses the battery is constructed from 5052 marine grade aluminum which means it is not prone to rust or corrosion like other metal enclosures constructed from steel. All components of this modular, scalable system are rated for the outdoors and will last for years.

This system is easy to install as it comes pre-built with the main components and solar panel brackets by our fabrication team.


Batteries   1 x 200AH LifePO4
Industrial PoE Port   12V 4 PoE (10/100Tx) Unmanaged Switch, 30W per port
Controller   20Amp Solar Charge Controller
Fuses   10x32A Fuse Holders with Ceramic Fuses
Power Distribution Block   6Position Screw Terminal Block
Enclosure Size   27" x 22" x 13"
Enclosure Material   5052 Marine Grade Aluminum
Cable Access   2 - 1 for Primary cabling / 1 for CAT5/6 cabling
Solar Panels   1 x 200W Monocrystalline Solar Panels
Solar Panel Brackets   1 x Pole Mount Brackets with Hardware
PV Solar Wire Cabling   20ft PV Wire between Power Core and Solar Panels
NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 weatheproof enclosures - Features
Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum Construction

Marine Grade Aluminum

All ArmorLogix weatherproof enclosures are constructed using Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum which provides better rust and corrosive protection than standard stainless steel. The aluminum material also allows for quicker heat dissipation and is lighter in weight than many other weatherproof enclosures of similarly sized steel enclosures.

Sunshade for ArmorLogix Weatherproof Enclosures
Blank Aluminum Plate for Equipment Mounting

Blank Equipment Plate

Included in each enclosure is a blank aluminum equipment mounting plate, that is both adjustable and removable. By being removable, ArmorLogix’s blank aluminum equipment plate allows the user to mount their own equipment easily both inside the enclosure or outside and removes the need to drill additional holes into the enclosure.

Secure Locks for Weatherproof Enclosures

Mylar Bubble Insulation

Mylar bubble insulation is two layers of 1/8″ barrier bubble film laminated between two layers of metalized film. Our enclosures when paired with Mylar Bubble Insulation helps keep the interior of your box climate controlled.



This ArmorLogix enclosure is rated NEMA 3 providing protection against splashing, dripping water, precipitation, and airborne dust and dirt particles. This model comes with vents on the side and front, allowing you to add an optional fan to the front to keep your enclosure cool by expelling hot air within the enclosure out.


* NEMA3 enclosures contain vents on the door and sides. NEMA4 enclosures are non-vented.

** Mylar insulation is included in every enclosure except the AL202222N3 and AL202222N4.

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