Armorlogix Products

ArmorLogix offers mobile and fixed SmartPlatforms for an endless amount of industries and applications. Each platform can be customized for your specific needs.



ArmorLogix carries a large line of marine grade 5052 aluminum enclosures. Our enclosures are rust and corrosion resistant, contain natural thermal conductivity, and are very lightweight when compared to steel enclosures of the same size.


These NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosures can be easily installed on walls, poles, roofs, ceilings, vehicles and more.


To a certain extent, our weatherproof aluminum enclosures are “just a box”. In reality, our enclosures provide a vast array of customization options and can easily house infrastructure, network, railway or avionics equipment, access control components, wireless bridges and cellular devices, recorders, and more.

Fixed Platforms from ArmorLogix


Solar Modules, Carts & Trailers

Mobile Platforms from ArmorLogix

In late 2017, ArmorLogix expanded its product offering to include solar powered mobile platforms in a range of sizes and portability.

Form Factors

We currently carry a smaller push cart with an 18ft telescoping mast, and a larger DOT approved pull behind trailer with a 30ft electronically powered telescoping mast.


The mobile platform is mostly used for mobile surveillance applications, such as for construction sites, theme parks, event surveillance, and more. They can also be fitted with lighting and telcom solutions, and any combination thereof. Each platform can be built-out in a variety of ways and can be customized here, prior to shipping, or can be shipped to you so that you may complete the custom build-out.


Remotely Access Your Equipment

Remotely access your equipment from anywhere with the addition of a wireless bridge or cellular modem. ArmorLogix’s custom fabrication team can install this equipment inside either one of our weatherproof enclosures, or onto our mobile cart and trailer platforms.

When using one of the ArmorLogix platforms with a surveillance system in conjunction with a cellular modem or wireless bridge, the surveillance equipment can be viewed live or in playback mode 24/7/365.

Contact an ArmorLogix Account Manager  at (904) 674-2976 or at to learn more about what “connectivity” means to you, and how we can help you create the solution you need, wherever it is.

Remotely Access Equipment from Anywhere with ArmorLogix
Weatherproof enclosure with 4G and GPS connectivity

Weatherproof Recorders

Add an ArmorLogix cellular modem or wireless bridge to one of the NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosures to remotely access equipment installed inside. These are commonly found paired with surveillance cameras and recorders, electronic sensors and measuring devices, and more.

AL550 solar cart with CCTV package

Solar Carts

The mobile cart platforms can be used to house a large variety of electronic equipment or lighting. Keep track of where your cart is, and where it’s been with GPS tracking.

ArmorLogix solar surveillance trailer with cellular connectivity and gps

Solar Trailer

Track your solar trailer in real time with GPS tracking, and access equipment remotely via a cellular modem with 4G, or with point-to-point wireless bridges. Ideal for remote sites, and multi-point deployments such as construction sites, parking lots, events, and more.