Back Plates for Enclosures

Back Plates

For Weatherproof Enclosures

Blank equipment backplates for NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 enclosures

Installing Equipment inside an ArmorLogix Enclosure


Most weatherproof enclosures from ArmorLogix comes standard with an a blank aluminum back plate, which is used to install electronics on the inside of the cabinet. The equipment plate eliminates the need to compromise the integrity of the NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 enclosure by drilling directly through the enclosure back or side walls. The AL202222N3 and AL202222N4 enclosures come with an adjustable shelf.

Blank aluminum backplates for NEMA enclosures
Installing Telecom Equipment in Weatherproof Enclosures

The backplates are secured to the back of the enclosures using a combination of nuts over threaded studs.

Installing Power in Weatherproof Enclosures

The aluminum composition of the blank equipment plates makes it easy for users to drill out holes for connecting electrical equipment.

Installing DIN rail and electrical equipment in NEMA enclosure

The placement of the backplate can be adjusted relative to the back of the enclosure by using the threaded studs. This allows for wiring or cables to fit behind the backplate, and also allows for 360° airflow around the installed equipment.

Dimensions of Blank Back Plates





AL121206 9″ 10″ Aluminum
AL121211 9″ 10″ Aluminum
AL121211N 9″ 10″ Aluminum
AL132213N 19″ 10″ Aluminum
AL151022 N/A N/A N/A
AL161606 13″ 14″ Aluminum
AL161610 13″ 14″ Aluminum
AL191912 16″ 17″ Aluminum
AL191912N 16″ 17″ Aluminum
AL202222 Horizontal Shelf N/A Aluminum
AL202222N Horizontal Shelf N/A Aluminum
AL272213 19″ 25″ Aluminum
AL272213N 19″ 25″ Aluminum
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