Enclosure Mounting Brackets

Universal Mounting Brackets

For Weatherproof Enclosures


Work In Progress

This page is currently a work in progress and will be completed soon. Please fine some of the information regarding our Universal Mounting Bracket below.

ArmorLogix is extremely proud of our custom fabricated Universal Mounting Bracket and we include a pair with every enclosure purchase! Our sturdy, 16″ wide Universal Mounting Brackets are made from 3/16″ Aluminum.

Easy to Mount

ArmorLogix makes our enclosures easy to mount with our custom fabricated Universal Mounting Brackets. Mount your enclosure easily to a huge array of objects anywhere from a pole to a wall, or even other mounting options like Unistrut. With multiple pole banding slots, users can mount ArmorLogix enclosures anywhere even down to a 2.5″ pole*.

Keep Your Enclosure Cool

ArmorLogix’s Universal Mounting Brackets keep the enclosure away from the wall and when combined with the interior Universal Mounting Plate, this offset design allows for a full 360° of airflow circulation, and keeps interior condensation at a minimum.

360° Cooling with Built-in Sunshade

*Ensure your mounting option can support the weight of the enclosure and installed equipment.

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