Promoting Natural Heat Dissipation

In Electrical Enclosures

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Excessive waste heat generated by equipment within a cabinet is the single most important factor effecting equipment performance, reliability and failure. As electronic and power components are designed into denser, smaller packages, it becomes increasingly important to consider how well how well the equipment dissipates heat. For example, a processor chip may be cooled using a heat sink (conduction) that includes a fan (forced convection).


In assessing enclosures, the key to heat management is exhausting heat from inside of the cabinet to outside the cabinet and also to prevent ambient heat from entering the cabinet. ArmorLogix has devised multiple ways to combat excess heat build-up within an enclosure. Most importantly, all of Armorlogix’s enclosures are made of AL5052 Marine Grade Aluminum; aluminum alloys have higher thermal conductivity relative to other electrical enclosure materials, therefore providing superior heat dissipation. Armorlogix also includes, without charge, mylar reflective bubble insulation.


By design and working from the inside out, NEMA 3 rated enclosures (i.e., those that are allowed by Code to have venting) from ArmorLogix possess several louvered vents to provide natural ventilation which allows cool air to enter and hot air to exit the enclosure. The key is making sure that the cabinet interior offers an unrestricted airflow path. The cabinet should have sufficient venting at both the top and bottom to promote airflow and a create chimney effect, as Armologix enclosures do. When ambient ventilation is insufficient, Armorlogix provides thermostatically controlled ventilation fans for forced convection heat mitigation. Finally, we provide small air-conditioning units for extreme heat environments or for fully enclosed NEMA 4 enclosures that do not provide any openings and prevent natural ventilation.


In addition to the natural heat dissipation properties of aluminum and ventilation within the enclosure, ArmorLogix also includes a sunshield and off-set mounting brackets to allow for air to flow evenly across every side of the exterior of the enclosure. The sunshield provides a direct collection surface for the sun’s powerful rays which then bleeds naturally off due to the open channel between the sunshield and top of the actual enclosure. Wall mount brackets for ArmorLogix enclosures are designed with a half inch stand-off to allow for airflow between the back of the enclosure and the wall it is then mounted on.

With these all of these components in play, ArmorLogix enclosures beat the heat every time and your equipment will last to the end of its useful life.

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