How To Protect Your Assets with Weatherproof Enclosures


ArmorLogix is in the business of protecting your assets with our NEMA3 and NEMA4 weatherproof enclosures. These enclosures safely house your outdoor electronics, datacom infrastructure, sensors, and more.  Made of 5052 aluminum, ArmorLogix enclosures protect your application from the elements with naturally more efficient heat dissipation, built-in sunshade, mylar bubble insulation and optional fans, vents, air conditioning or heating. These features ensure that ArmorLogix can provide the right environment for your application.

Mounting Access Control equipment inside an enclosure using din rail


Customer: “Farmco”

Farmco developed a temperature sensing device that brings multiple thermometer leads back to a head-end rack with custom computing devices installed inside the racks.  Farmco chose ArmorLogix to house the  head end, which includes the custom rack, multiple cards, power, RFID transmitter and antennae.  In its state-of-the-art facility, ArmorLogix not only developed a custom sized NEMA 4 enclosure for Farmco, but continues to provide express customization services to install all of Farmco’s equipment inside and ships the entire temperature sensing system to their various locations.

In the image below you can see the solution they were using before, and the customized turnkey solution ArmorLogix was able to provide them with.

Custom NEMA4 Enclosure with Express Customization - Farmco


Customer: “Enviroco”

Enviroco, a customer that deploys air measurement sensors needed to be near the water and chose ArmorLogix for a bridge mounted sensor deployment. ArmorLogix’s enclosures are manufactured with 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum that provides protection from rust or corrosion that is common on steel or plastic enclosures when exposed to marine environments. ArmorLogix provides Enviroco with the enclosure, sized to their equipment’s needs and includes  accessories such as fans and heaters and is in discussions to pre-install all of the equipment to provide a turnkey solution.

In the image on the right you can see the custom sized enclosure that was provided for Enviroco’s needs with specialized attachments and fittings.

Custom NEMA4 Enclosure for Environmental Equipment


Customer: “Railco”

Railco, one of the nation’s major railroads designed an in-house surge protector to be housed in an enclosure and take lightening surges near sensitive switching equipment to protect that gear.  After proof of concept, which you can see below, and outlasting the competition in a corrosion side-by-side testing stage of 2 years, ArmorLogix provided enclosures for Railco to build in their solution.  In time, Railco stored its parts at ArmorLogix’s facility and has ArmorLogix install the build to get repeatability and avoid in the field work.  ArmorLogix not only houses and protects Railco’s parts, it now procures them to manage the supply chain fully and drop ships finished goods as directed.

In the image on the right you can see part of the inside of the turnkey solution that ArmorLogix provides for Railco.

Turnkey Solution with Express Customization for Railco
Steel vs Aluminum Enclosure

ArmorLogix protects and houses your assets in our innovative enclosures, and we can assist with parts and pieces to create the infrastructure you need to complete your build. This includes mounting DIN rail, Unistrut, pre-drilling the included backplate, pre-drilling the enclosure for connectors, and whatever else you might require.  ArmorLogix is here to bring your solution outdoors, house your solution outdoors or indoors and to protect your assets from adverse industrial conditions relating to moisture or dust or potential vandalism.

Contact us today at (904) 674-2976 to find out how we can provide an easier, turnkey solution that meets YOUR needs, no matter what they are.

Case StudiesHow To Protect Your Assets with Weatherproof Enclosures