Solar Light Towers

Solar Light Towers

AL450-LED in Action

Lighting for Remote Locations

ArmorLogix’s line of fixed and mobile power platforms allow for the installation or placement of lighting features in areas that were not easily lit before. Choose from a selection of lighting options, such as strobe lights (red, blue, orange, white), LED floodlights, and more to fit your needs.

30W LED used with ArmorLogix Solar Cart or Trailer
Solar Powered Lighting for Work Site Safety
Lighting Work Zones

Ensure construction or maintenance workers have plenty of light when working overnight jobs in areas with little to no hard-powered lighting sources.

Using Solar Powered Lights for Criminal Deterrence
Natural Criminal Deterrent

Criminals are less likely to steal equipment or vandalize if they must enter a lit area in order to do so. The AL550-LED provides high intensity LED light coverage in areas that need to be monitored, and the mast can be raised to up to 18ft in the air for wider coverage.

Providing Solar Powered Lighting and Security for Work Zones
Lighting + Surveillance

Add both lighting and surveillance packages to an ArmorLogix weatherproof enclosure, solar powered cart, or trailer to maximize security in low light areas, or areas without shore power. Prevent events by providing a well lit area, and actively deter criminals with visible CCTV cameras, or with motion detected flashing lights and sirens. Ensure any events that do occur are captured on video in well light, high definition security footage.

Using Solar Carts

as a Lighting Platform

ArmorLogix’s line of solar powered carts is the most commonly used platform for installing and powering various lighting packages. This is due to the ease of transportation and set-up, with an easy to deploy mast. The solar carts from ArmorLogix have been meticulously designed to hold up in the rain, extreme sun, and wind. ArmorLogix’s product engineering and development team is in constant communication with the manufacturing team, to continue improving product performance, durability, and endurance. Constructed from powder coated steel, a telescoping mast, and powerfully bright LED’s, these solar light carts are easily deployed in urban and rural areas.

ArmorLogix Solar Cart Features
AL550-LED - Main Image


The AL550-LED is the most popular solar powered lighting solution offered by ArmorLogix. Contained in a small, easy to move push-cart form factor, the AL550-LED boasts two 100W solar panels and a 150Ah battery. The AL550-LED also has a shore-power plug. The mast on the AL550-LED can be manually raised up to 18ft into the air to provide multiple levels of illumination.

Need more lights or batteries? We customize!

Our in-house manufacturing and development team allows us to produce the product that fits your needs. Product customization ranges from manufacturing changes to product functionality.

Customized SolutionsSolar Light Towers